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Many factors play a role in the sealing capacity of a cylinder. They all must be taken into account from the initial project phase. Even the manufacturer of a single component, such as a seal, a wiper or a wear ring, must accept this responsibility.  Also they must use the most appropriate materials and design the most suitable profiles. This means that the cooperation between these two parts is fundamental.


The process goal is building a unique team. This team must be capable of providing the information and experience necessary for continuous product enhancement. A simple client or supplier relationship is not the answer to our expectations.


Artic Seals wants to play the role of world leader. This in the manufacturing and marketing of sealing systems for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The people who saw the need to set up the company  have also invested their energy in it. They are focused on clients to supply sealing solutions. while they are aiming to customersatisfaction, developing a synergy-based approach to technology and customer service. We use our talent, creativity and experience. So we can propose the most suitable products for users needs. We providing assistance and technical advice either. This during project works or post-selling. Our technical staff deals with the most diverse demands on sealing systems. They providing quick, precise solutions. And last but not least. They strive to grant the most cost-effective service.

Client and Supplier

Apart from the client, we also devote our utmost attention to the two other important promoters of continuous growth. Which is the supplier and the staff. We cooperate regularly with suppliers. This in order to keep improving the quality of our products. But also to respond to the constantly growing requirements of manufacturers. We see our staff more as a partner in our operations. And we are involved at all times in achieving the company’s objectives. We are always willing to improve their know-how and become true problem-solvers. Together with the client and the supplier So that we form a winning team.

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