Parker Piston Seals DP

The double-acting DP pneumatic piston is a two-component seal design consisting of a metallic supporting element with a vulcanized guiding ridge and sealing lips. The complete piston performs three functions: sealing, guiding, and end-position cushioning.

  • Due to application-optimized geometry and compounds suitable for use in oiled as well as in oil-free air (after initial lubrication on assembly).
  • Cushioning buffers on the piston´s front faces with integrated ventilation ducts provide for mechanical cushioning of the cylinders.
  • Multi-functional element: seal, guiding, and cushioning element.
  • Immediate response (full pressure load) thanks to incorporated venting channels.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Ideal corrosion protection thanks to complete elastomer covering.
  • Smooth running due to optimum adjustment of the functional lips.
  • Easy attachment to the piston rod without additional sealing elements.
  • Easy installation due to integrated static sealing function.
  • Excellent media resistance in case of suitable compound selections.
  • The low assembly height of the complete piston enables the short cylinder designs.
  • Versatile complete piston for nearly all cylinder designs.

Range of application

Complete piston with end cushioning for double-acting pneumatic cylinders provided that no excessive lateral guidance loads will occur (long strokes and buckling).

Operating pressure ≤ 12 bar
Operating temperature -30 °C to +80 °C
Sliding speed ≤ 1 m/s
Media Compressed air, both lubricated and oil-free (after greasing for fitting)


The standard compound is an NBR-based elastomer with a hardness of approx. 71 Shore A and vulcanized to a metal disc.


The profile DP pneumatic complete piston should be fixed to the piston rod with a locknut to avoid loosening. For use with dry and oil-free air, the piston and cylinder tube must be relubricated with a suitable long-life lubricant.

D d H Order code
6 2 3.8 DP0602Z5051
8 3 5 DP0803Z5051
10 3 5 DP1003Z5051
12 4.5 6 DP1203Z5051
12 4.5 6 DP1204Z5058
16 4.5 6.5 DP1603Z5051
16 4.5 6.5 DP1604Z5067
20 6 7.5 DP2005Z5051
20 6 7.5 DP2006Z5051
25 7 8.8 DP2506Z5051
25 7 8.8 DP2507Z5058
32 8 11 DP3208Z5051
40 8 11.8 DP4008Z5051
50 10 14 DP5010Z5051
63 12 14 DP6312Z5051
80 16 16 DP8016Z5051
100 20 18 DPA020Z5051