Parker Prädifa Flange Seal V2

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The Parker Prädifa flange seal profile V2 is designed subplate and flanges of control units and valves. The leakage seen with 0-rings is due to a pressure rise at the outside diameter which can occur as a result of pressure surges and pressure fluctuations. The consequence is that 0-rings are frequently forced out of their seating by the fluid pressure. The problem is prevented by using profile V2 installed as recommended. Its special shape prevents radial movements, and therefore wear, which is possible with o-rings. The profile and compound are perfectly matched so that extrusion is largely eliminated even under high operating pressures. To ensure that no permanent deformation occurs consideration was given to the compression set characteristics of the selected seal compound.

Field of application:

Working pressure: ≤ 315 bar
Working temperature: — 30 to + 100
Mainly for sealing oil ports in modular


To ensure the correct function of the Parker Praedifa seal it should not project into the oil-way. The oil-way diameter ”d” must be equal to or smaller than the internal diameter of the seal. The seal is supported at the outside

Diameter »D‹, by a tight fit into the correct sizes

Diameter »D” corresponds to the nominal outside diameter of the seal.

The installation recess should be vented at the back of the seal. The surfaces in contact with the seal must have a peak-to-valley height of RΤ ≤6,3µm. The contact surface of the plate in which the counterbore is located must be manufactured so that there is a peak-to-valley height of R, = 20-30µm. For example by milling according to DIN 3124 B5—P4. If several oilways or ports are present, additional venting channels may be provided between them.

d D H/C Item number
3,5 9,5 1,9 V2 0365  N3544
4 7,9 1,3 V2 0409  N3544
10 19 2,4 V2 1019  N3544
12 18 1,9 V2 1218  N3544
12 19,6 2,1 V2 1220  N3544
14 21 1,9 V2 1421  N3544
15 23 2,4 V2 1523  N3544
16 23 1,9 V2 1625  N3544
16 23,6 2,1 V2 1624  N3544
17 24 1,9 V2 1724  N3544
20 27 1,9 V2 2027  N3544
24 32 2,4 V2 2432  N3544
25 33 2,4 V2 2533  N3544
26 33 1,9 V2 2633  N3544
28 38 3,1 V2 2838  N3544
32 40 2,4 V2 3240  N3544
40 48 2,4 V2 4048  N3544
45 52 1,9 V2 4552  N3544
45 55 3 V2 4555  N3544





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