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We are Global seals. One of the biggest advisors in the seal market. We will help you with products and other questions you have. We give product information and help you find the products you need!


our experience goes back all the way to 1996. With a vast knowlegde of seals and installation types, we understand the importance of sealing in high end installations where reliability is of upmost importance.

No matter how big or small the seal, how important or fast, we can help you find the right seal for your application.


If we cannot find your seal, we will find an equivalent for it for you.
No matter how weird the size of your seal, we can produce it.

Worldwide Delivery

We have clients all over the Globe. We also have seal producers all over the world. We love to connect the dots for you.

Reverse enginering

If you can't figure out what seal you have and need, we can reverse engineer it for you according to your speciment and description, please ask us about the posibilities.


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