Parker Prädifa Piston Sealing Set KS

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The Parker Prädifa ULTRATHAN sealing set profile KS has been developed especially for sealing pistons in dual media hydraulic accumulators. The shape of the seals makes them ideal for the permanent separation of the pressurized media e. g. oil and gas, and still have low friction forces.

The Parker Praedifa KS can be used in other applications including industrial shock absorbers, hydro-pneumatic equipment such as feed and counterbalance units hydro-pneumatic  booster or converter units
pressure transducers and operating cylinders.

Field of application:

Working pressure:               ≤ 350 bar

Working temperature:         — 30 to + 80 °C

Surface speed:                      ≤ 5 3 m/s

Media:                                      Mineral base hydraulic oils and various gases


The performance of the profile KS piston seal set is only guaranteed when the green color seal (RH … P5008) is installed on the oil side of the piston and the red color seal (KG … P5010) on the gas side. The general recommendations as shown in our hydraulics brochure are applicable to the housing groove and seal installation, e. g. no sharp edges, no sharp tools, and clean components, etc.


Parker polyurethane P5008 is used for the oil side seal and polyurethane P5010 is used for the gas side. When compared to commercial polyurethanes both these compounds have superior resistance to high temperature, hydrolysis and have lower compression set.

For special requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, etc.) please contact our Consultancy Service, so that suitable materials and/or designs can be recommended.

D d H L Item number
35 27 5,7/5,7 6,3 KS 0035 00710
40 32 5,7/5,7 6,3 KS 0040 00710
50 40 7,317,3 8 KS 0050 00710
63 53 7,3/7,3 8 KS 0063 00710
80 65 11,4/11,4 12,5 KS 0080 00710
85,73 70,73 11,4/11,4 12,5 KS 0086 00710
100 85 11,4/11,4 12,5 KS 0100 00710
160 40 14,5/14,5 16 KS 0160 00710
180 60 14,5/14,5 16 KS 0180 00710




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