Static Seals


Static Seals together with the rod and the piston seals, another component of the sealing system of a hydraulic cylinder, are the seals to grant the sealing between reciprocating static organs. Leakages in the static seal are prevented by the head external screw-thread and the thread for tightening the rod to the piston. The seals are usually composed of an NBR o-ring together with one or two anti-extrusion rings, which become necessary in cases of high pressure and excessive coupling clearance. Besides the limitations resulting from high temperatures or fluid compatibility issues, wear is also a common problem. Pulsating pressures loading or unloading the o-ring, when the roughness of the contact surface does not comply with the specification range, cause “filing” of the sealing part which can leak as a result. The use of a SSA polyurethane seal proves to be particularly appropriate in countering this effect. Not only does it solve this specific problem, it also has the advantage of using one element instead of two (o-ring and anti-extrusion ring), making the assembly much easier

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