Parker Prädifa Rod Sealing Set ZH

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The Parker Prädifa rod sealing set profile ZH is a compact seal for hydraulic props and cylinders. It can be a pressure load from either direction. The sealing set consists of a fabric-reinforced rubber sealing ring with guide back-up rings. The dynamic surface of the seal is reinforced with a special fabric. Thus st retains favourably the lubricating film between seal and cylinder wall, even after long standstill periods under high pressure. Due to this “grease store” the friction will be reduced and there will be less wear at the dynamic surface of the seal.

Field of application:

Working pressure: ≤ 500 bar

Working temperature: HFA-, HFB- and HFC-fluids: +5 to +60 °C Mineral oil: -20 to +100 °C

Surface speed:≤0,5 m/s

Double-acting rod seal for piston rods and spindles. Also suitable for application in industrial “water hydraulics”.


The design of the Parker Praedifa rod sealing set profile ZH allows simple snap-in installation into closed housings. To avoid damaging care should be taken that the seals are not pulled over sharp edges during installation.


The standard compound for the sealing part is an NBR-based elastomer with a fabric-reinforced dynamic surface (SFW-compound Z5017). The back-up rings are made of a polyacetal-based (W5001) material.

For special requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, application in water, HFA-, HFB-fluids, etc.) please contact our Consultancy Service, so that suitable materials and/or designs can be recommended.


d D h/l H D1 a Item number
35 50 18 30.8 39,4 6,4 ZH 0035 00254
35 70 18 28 59 5 ZH 0055 00250
30 75 15,8 28,6 64,6 6,4 ZH 0060 00250
35 80 18 28 69 5 ZH 0065 00250
‘0 90 21 33,8 74,4 6,4 ZH 0069 00250
30 95 18 28 84 5 ZH 0080 00250
35 108 23 43 92.2 10 ZH 0085 00250
10 115 18 30,8 94,4 6,4 ZH 0081 00250




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