Parker Prädifa Guide Elements F3

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The Parker Prädifa F3 guiding tape made of PTFE compounds is specifically intended for use in hydraulic cylinders. The length of the cut-to-size guiding tape results in a suitable gap that allows the system pressure to pass toward the seal, taking thermal expansions into account. The resulting gap is preferably created at a 45° angle in order to enable a minimum guidance function under load in the direction of the gap. Alternative gap versions (straight cut, stepped cut) are possible.

The PTFE compound should be selected depending on temperature and the permissible permanent deformation ɛ.

  • Vibration absorption
  • Very good emergency running properties in low-lube
  • High load capacity (compressive strength), low wear, and reduced friction due to special bronze additive in PTFE material.
  • Also available as bulk
  • Any desired nominal diameter available due to use of machining
  • Suitable for cylinder
  • Ideally suited for large-diameters.
  • Installation in closed and undercut

Range of application

Operating temperature                                   -100 °C to +200 °C

Sliding speed                                                    ≤ 5 m/s


Standard: Polon® 052, PTFE + 40 % bronze. On request: Polon® 062, PTFE + 60 % bronze.

For cylinders made of alloys, light metal, and high-grade steel, we recommend the use of compound Polon® 033 (PTFE + 25 % carbon).


The gap dimensions “e” guarantee an optimum service life of the guidance tapes. For the seals, however, the gaps “e” as mentioned on the respective catalog pages are to be considered when it is essential to observe full operating conditions („Range of Application“) for the Parker Praedifa seals.





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