Parker Prädifa Rod Seals E9

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The Parker Prädifa E9 pneumatic  seal/wiper ring for pneumatic cylinder piston rods is the high-temperature version of the profiles E8 and EU.

  • Due to application-optimized geometry and compounds suitable for use in oiled as well as in oil-free air (after initial lubrication on assembly).
  • Bi-functional element: seal and wiper.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Smooth running due to the optimum lubricant-retaining sealing lip geometry.
  • High-temperature resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
  • Excellent media resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
  • Identical housing for E7, E8, E9, EU, EF, EN, EW, and ET.
  • Installation in closed and undercut housings.
  • The coordinated geometries of the seal and wiper lips achieve favorable friction coefficients and long service life.

Range of application

Mainly used for pneumatic cylinders.

Operating pressure ≤ 16 bar
Operating temperature -10 °C to +150 °C
Sliding speed ≤ 1 m/s
Media Compressed air, both lubricated and oil-free (after greasing for fitting)


The standard compound is a special FKM-based elastomer with a Shore hardness of approx. 81 A and a vulcanized metal disc (circlip according to DIN 7993 type B).


The Parker Praedifa pneumatic profile E9 rod seal/wiper set is fitted into the housing by means of a circlip recess according to DIN 7993 (type B). The sealing part is pushed in and fixed by the circlip.

Damage to the scraper and the sealing lips by sharp edges must be prevented during assembly.

In case the seal/wiper set needs to be exchanged, this can be accomplished without removing the piston rod if a dismantling recess has been provided for (detail “X”).

d D H Order code
12 20 8.5 E9901100606
12 22 8.5 E9901200606
16 26 8.5 E9901600606
18 26 8.5 E9901700606
18 28 8.5 E9901800606
20 30 8.5 E9902000606
22 32 8.5 E9902200606
25 35 8.5 E9902500606
32 42 8.5 E9903200606
40 50 8.5 E9904000606
50 60 8.5 E9905000606
63 75 10 E9906300606




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