Parker Prädifa Piston Seals E4 (TPU)

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The Parker Prädifa profile E4 piston seal is a lip seal specially developed for use in pneumatics. The dimensions of the profile E4 standard series correspond to the cylinder diameters according to ISO 3320, CETOP RP 52 P, RP 43 P, and RP 53 P. Profile E4 is fully interchangeable with the profile C2 standard series formerly used in pneumatics.

  • Due to application-optimized geometry and compounds suitable for use in oiled as well as in oil-free air (after initial lubrication on assembly).
  • Suitable for cylinders with dead-center cushioning.
  • Robust seal profile for harshest operating conditions.
  • Extreme wear resistance.
  • Long service life thanks to the application-optimized compounds.
  • Smooth running due to optimum lubricant-retaining sealing lip geometry.
  • Easier installation.
  • Suitable for fully automatic installation.
  • Assembly on the one-part piston is possible.
  • Excellent media resistance in case of suitable compound selection.
  • Installation in closed housings.
  • Low compression set.
  • Pressure relief grooves at the back of the seal ensure optimal function even in case of flow-controlled exhaust air.

Range of application

Operating pressure ≤ 16 bar
Operating temperature -35 °C to +80 °C
Sliding speed ≤ 1 m/s
Media Compressed air, both lubricated and oil-free (after greasing for fitting)


Standard: P5007, Ultrathan® (TPU) compound (≈ 82 Shore A).

For low temperatures: P5075, Ultrathan® (TPU) compound (≈ 80 Shore A).


The Parker Praedifa profile E4 lip seals are simply pulled over the piston into the groove. To avoid damaging the seal lips during installation, sharp edges should be removed from the piston and the cylinder tube. Under oil-free conditions, it is important to obtain a solid lubrication film inside the cylinder tube. This must be achieved before assembly to ensure a long service life of the seal. For piston guidance, we recommend the profile F2 piston guidance tape. Please refer to our profile F2 for details of the piston outside diameter and the gap measurements.

D d H L Order code
20.5 14 4 4.5 E42016P5007
25 17 5.5 6 E42517P5007
32 24 5.5 6 E43224P5007
40 30 7 7.5 E44030P5007
45 33 9 10 E44533P5007
50 40 7 7.5 E45040P5007
63 53 7 7.5 E46353P5007
80 68 8.5 9.5 E48068P5007
100 88 8.5 9.5 E4A088P5007
125 110 10 11 E4C010P5007
160 140 14 15 E4G014P5007
160 145 10 11 E4G022P5007
200 180 14 15 E4L018P5007
320 295 17 18 E4Q206P5007




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