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In the field of hydraulic cylinders

A great deal of attention has always been devoted to seals. They are to make use of the most suitable compounds and profiles. This to withstand increasingly demanding operating conditions. But this led us to reconsider the importance of wear rings. And also subsequently to provide considerable financing for studies and long-term research. So that we assess their performance and its implications.


As for the rod, external abrasive dusts cause wear of the seal and of the wear rings. This serious disadvantage has led to the gradual replacement of synthetic rubber wipers by polyurethane ones. These are much more resistant to wear in muddy or sandy environments. And therefore offer more lasting performances. Dirt particles can enter the system not only through the rod, but also through the static side of the wiper ring. The design of the profile should therefore take this possibility into account. 11so it should have a true sealing edge on the external side. Lastly, each new generation wiper ring is embossed with a series of bumps with a double function along the whole inner circular crown:

  • to act as a stabilizer to compensate for rod misalignments;
  • to prevent growing residual pressure between the seal and the wiper ring which would cause extrusion in the mid-term.

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