Rod Seals Hydraulic


In hydraulic cylinders the sealing system is made up of different element.  They all contribute to solving the problems which might occur during operation. That said; the heart of the system is the rod seal. Which must prevent the fluid from leaking under different pressure, speed and temperature conditions. It is therefore easy to understand how important the choice of profile and material can be. Besides ensuring perfect control of the fluid, they must also be economical and take up little space.


  • RSA
  • RSB
  • RSB2
  • RSC
  • RSD
  • RSO
  • RBR


Sealing parts are made of polyurethane. Fully comply with these requirements as a result of an experience acquired through many years of activity in the sector. Harsh operating conditions often encourage the use of a rod sealing system made up of two seals. The main seal. The one in direct contact with the fluid under pressure. Must not generate residual pressure with the secondary seal. It therefore needs a suitable profile to transfer the residual pressure towards the centre of the cylinder.

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