Piston Seals Hydraulic

Piston Seals Hydraulic


Piston Seals Hydraulic have a decisive influence on the design,
function and service life of hydraulic and pneumatic
cylinders and systems.

This applies equally to the piston seals where:

  • leak tightness
  • resistance to wear and gap extrusion
  • resistance to high and low temperatures
  • low friction
  • compact form
  • resistance to process media
  • simple installation

They are demanded in order to meet the requirements of industry for a functional sealing solution.

The significance of these parameters and their limits is
generally dependent on the requirements of the specific
application. B+S has therefore developed a complete
range of seals which, due to their optimized geometries
and designs and the use of high-qualitymaterials such as
TurconR and ZurconR, satisfy the technical and economic
demands of the industry in full.

In order to be in a position to select the most appropriate
seal type and material, it is necessary to first define all the
desired functional parameters.


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